Our documentary series takes art appreciation a step further: We look at the extraordinary journeys of each artist. We develop a dialogue with them and about their work. We explore what kind of impact are they having on their communities and the new ideas they are working on that transcend or explore culture, race, gender in their immediate communities.

People of color should always strive to pursue their passions. History may not have been kind to cultures of color, but history is still being made! Life Through Art looks at the distinction between these artists and the incredible work they've not only done but are STILL DOING. It's important to remain in touch with the people around us and the world we create together!

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  • Folk Art Official Trailer

    Our first episode of Life through Art defines FOLK ART: an especially unique art form heralded by the African-American community. It also chronicles the rise of African-American Folk Artist, Ezekiel Gibbs, who began his art career at age 83. Gibbs, at the time, was the oldest working artist in Am...

  • Installation Art Official Trailer

    Episode 2 of Life Through Art defines INSTALLATION ART and features Annette Lawrence, an African-American installation artist with a special interest in the passage of time and an environmentally conscious workflow that makes the most of her "ordinary" material. From recycled string to brown pape...